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Hella Black. Hella Brown. Hella Inclusive. Heavy on the Employer Brand.

The Mission of the Black n Brown in Employer Brand organization is to create a safe and supportive space for professional and personal development, mentorship, and community. Black and Brown professionals in Talent/Employer Brand have unique challenges and experience that lend skills like no other to industries globally and we need to embrace this Super Power. We will foster connection and knowledge sharing for Black, Latino, and historically excluded Talent Brand professionals. Together we will create opportunities for career growth that may not have been available due to socio-economic effects. We aim to empower historically excluded communities of Talent Brand professionals and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the industry.

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Our vision is a Talent Brand industry that reflects the diversity of the communities it serves. We envision a future where Black, Latino, and historically excluded communities of Talent Brand professionals have equal opportunities for career advancement, recognition, and success. Our goal is to position Black and Brown Talent Brand Professionals as Thought Leaders and trail blazers in this industry.



  • Foster a community of Black, Latino, and historically excluded communities of Talent Brand professionals.
  • Provide professional development opportunities, including workshops and training sessions.
  • Promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within the Talent Brand industry.
  • Connect Talent Brand professionals with potential employers and clients.
  • Advocate for change within the Talent Brand industry to better support historically excluded communities of professionals.

Core Values

Diversity: We celebrate and promote diversity in all forms and strive to create an inclusive environment for all members of our community.
Empowerment: We empower our members to take control of their careers and provide resources to help them succeed.
Support: We provide a supportive community where members can connect, share experiences, and build relationships.
Integrity: We operate with integrity, transparency, and honesty in all of our interactions with our members and partners.
Innovation: We embrace innovation and continuously seek new ways to improve our organization and support our members.
Accountability: We hold ourselves accountable to our members, partners, and stakeholders and strive to deliver on our commitments.
Membership benefits include:


  • A safe and supportive community where members can connect and share experiences.
  • Mentorship opportunities with experienced Talent Brand professionals.
  • Access to a private online community for members to share resources, ask questions, and connect with other members.
  • Exclusive content such as webinars, workshops, and articles focused on the unique challenges faced by Black, Latino, and historically excluded communities of Talent Brand professionals.
  • Networking opportunities with other members of the organization as well as with leaders in the Talent Brand industry.
  • Career development resources such as job postings, job search support, mentorship programs, and resume reviews.
  • Discounts on BnB in EB events and educational programs

In 2023, Black in Brown in Employer Brand is set to have a wealth of content for community members. For the year we have monthly ‘Gem Drop Thursdays’ and ‘BnB in EB KickBacks’ (which will be roundtables and fireside chats). Black n Brown in EB will be starting its Blog and posting discussion topics in the LinkedIn community. We are always looking for ways to give members what they want. Please sign up for more member content and feel free to give suggestions on what you like to see in this community.

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The Black n Brown in EB Team

Ashten Fizer – Founder | Executive Director

John Graham – Board Advisor

Black n Brown in EB Open Board Roles
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Professional Development Director
  • Communications Director
  • Mentorship Committee Director
  • Marketing Committee Director
  • Events, Programming and Culture Director
  • Knowledge Base Committee Director
  • Partnerships Committee Director
  • Membership Director
  • Treasurer
  • Allyship Engagement Director

For interest in board roles please review the Board Role Descriptions and complete the google form to jump start your application process.

Upcoming Events
July 13 2023 | KickBacks w/ Tawfiq Abu-Khajil and Tiffany Jin 11AM CT/9AM PT
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Industry News

4.1.23 | Recfest and TBA
This year the Talent Brand Alliance Summits will be the day before each Recfest event in the UK and in Nashville!

3.28.23 | New Employer Brand Community Alert!

Check out The EB Space hosted in Discord. It’s a spot where we can chat about work scenarios, how to navigate todays challenges, and how to succeed in the space.


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